Marketing v. PR v. Advertising v. Branding

…as explained in a wondrously simple graphic.

Strategic digital marketers are adept at utilizing the principles of marketing, PR and advertising in the development and dissemination of content across digital channels in order to  increase a consumer’s affinity for and loyalty to a specific brand.

Getty Images & The Rio Games: How They Achieved Lightning-Fast Photo Dissemination

Getty Images & The Rio Games: How They Achieved Lightning-Fast Photo Dissemination

Getty Images’s ability to digitally shoot, edit & post photos in 2 minutes during the Rio Olympics was 7 years in the making

“’We [had] our first meeting with the [International Olympic Committee] around seven years before the games,’ says Ken Mainardis, vice president of Sport Imagery and Services for Getty Images.

‘For Rio de Janeiro, we met with them just after they were awarded the games in 2009. We partner[ed] with the committee to basically link all of our photographers in the key photo positions that they work in back to our editing hub in the main press center.

And that network takes years of planning, because it crosses cities and it has to be able to handle about 1.5 million images during the duration of the games.’”

Via Popular Photography

How to go from 1,800 to 18,000 followers overnight…

Screenshot of Jarrett Hill's infamous Melania Gate tweet

Be the TweeterZero who sparked #MelaniaGate

“On Monday, [Jarrett Hill] had ‘somewhere between 1750-1800 followers,’ and today, the count is 18,800.

But that doesn’t impress him so much.

‘I wasn’t a person who really cared about how many followers I had,’ says Hill, who has been without a full-time job since being laid off from his producer / digital on-camera reporter gig at ABC Action News WFTS in Florida in April 2015.

‘I looked more at engagement, focused on responses and using it to discuss things with people.'”

Via The Hollywood Reporter