2016: The Year of Beyoncé

2016: The Year of Beyoncé

A week and a half ago, to Kanye’s rapper’s delight, Beyoncé took home MTV’s Music Video of the Year award.

While an MTV award probably isn’t an accolade Beyoncé gives two iotas about, it is just another notch in the belt of a music superstar who catapulted herself into yet another stratosphere this year.

She is no longer just the Queen Bey, but something else entirely.

Something bolder. Smarter. With much more of substance to say.

This new Bey emerged on February 6 when she dropped the unexpected and now infamous Formation video, the day before the Super Bowl.

And she has been dominating pop culture and digital media ever since. In the past 7 months alone, she has: Continue reading “2016: The Year of Beyoncé”


Thrillist & The ‘Eat, Pray’ Awesome OG Tags

Eat, Pray, Thillist

Foxie Rating - 4 Stars, Oh So Good!

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when a headline caught my eye… as most travel-related headlines are wont to do.

But it was the OG (open graph) description beneath the headline/OG title that brought a huge smile to this digital strategist’s face. Continue reading “Thrillist & The ‘Eat, Pray’ Awesome OG Tags”

Hallmark Channel Has One Holiday of a Diversity Problem


Boy, am I a sucker for a cheesy holiday romance movie.

They’re silly and heartwarming and cute and have as much substance as whipped cream. Yet, they are a holiday tradition for many a romantic here in North America.

And you can always count on Hallmark to churn out a cavalcade of new, 90-minute holiday love stories every November and December.

However, for years, Hallmark has persistently cast the same demographic as the romantic leads for pretty much every single one of these movies.

To the point where it’s so glaringly obvious and starting to become intolerable for many of its viewers who feel as though Team Hallmark thinks only a certain hue of people fall in love.  Continue reading “Hallmark Channel Has One Holiday of a Diversity Problem”

Getting to the “Like” – The Importance of Not Being a Disappointment When It Comes to your Social Media Content

Two thumbs up
A new study attempts to get to the heart of why consumers “like” a particular piece of social media content:
“Every time we post, share, ‘like,’ comment or send an invitation online, we are creating an expectation,” according to the study. “We feel a sense of belonging and advance our concept of self through sharing.”
The findings are compelling not only because they help explain why we feel compelled to click “like” so often, but also because they lay bare the power that marketers can wield by creating “likable,” shareable social content.

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Hey Food Babe Critics… How About Less Ranting, More Competitive Content Creation?

Screenshot from Science Babe's Facebook page in which she compares the Food Babe to the charactesrs in the movie, "Mean Girls"

I first heard of the Food Babe, a consumer activist blogger named Vani Hari, when she made headlines for blasting Subway’s inclusion of azodicarbonamide, a chemical that’s used to make yoga mats and rubber shoe soles, in its “fresh-baked” bread.

I remember thinking two things:

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