Did you know the Washington Post is in the Amazon Affiliate game?

Washington Post logo superimposed on top of an Amazon.com box

I was reading this WaPo article in which famous authors shared what books have had the biggest influence on them, when I noticed that each of the books listed therein were hyperlinked to an Amazon product detail page, with an Amazon Affiliate tag embedded in the url.

Screenshot of a Washington Post article with a link to an Amazon product detail page for a book

Amazon product detail page for Empire Falls

I was surprised / not surprised that a media company had turned to Amazon as an additional stream of revenue.

And then I remembered that Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, is also the owner of WaPo.

Will be interesting to see if other media outlets will start following WaPo’s lead…

7 Things You Should Definitely Know About Netflix


Did you know… Netflix has 83 million subscibers in 190 countries who stream 125 million hours of programming a day?

I recently watched a recording of Netflix’s first Women in Tech LA event, which was held back in July.

It was an interesting peek behind the streaming giant’s curtain and if you can find the time to watch it in full, I encourage you to do so.

Either way, for your tapas-like edification, here are 7 insights that stood out to me the most:

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2016: The Year of Beyoncé

2016: The Year of Beyoncé

A week and a half ago, to Kanye’s rapper’s delight, Beyoncé took home MTV’s Music Video of the Year award.

While an MTV award probably isn’t an accolade Beyoncé gives two iotas about, it is just another notch in the belt of a music superstar who catapulted herself into yet another stratosphere this year.

She is no longer just the Queen Bey, but something else entirely.

Something bolder. Smarter. With much more of substance to say.

This new Bey emerged on February 6 when she dropped the unexpected and now infamous Formation video, the day before the Super Bowl.

And she has been dominating pop culture and digital media ever since. In the past 7 months alone, she has: Continue reading “2016: The Year of Beyoncé”

Black Friday Ain’t Necessarily the Biggest Shopping Day for Retail Stores

Woman holding holding bags walking past a Christmas tree in a shopping center

So much hullabaloo is made about Black Friday every year that it gives the erroneous impression that the day after Thanksgiving is the…


Google Location History data from Nov-Dec 2014 reveals, however, that for many retail verticals, the Saturday before Christmas beats out Black Friday for the title of biggest in-store shopping day of the year in terms of foot traffic (see chart below):

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A Foxie Roundup of Star Wars ‘The Force Awaken’s’ 5 Best Digital Marketing Tactics… Thus Far!


From Millennium Falcon playlets to Duracell and CoverGirl commercials, the latter of which invited the biting yet hilarious commentary of Stephen Colbert

“The Force marketing integration is strong with this one. This is the perfect makeup collection for girls who like Star Wars, but not enough to realize this is nothing to do with Star Wars.”

…the Disney/Star Wars marketing machine and its brand partners have been in creative overdrive the past few months leading up to Episode VII – The Force Awaken’s pre-release on December 17th.

Here’s a Foxie roundup of Team Star Wars’s best digital marketing tactics to date: Continue reading “A Foxie Roundup of Star Wars ‘The Force Awaken’s’ 5 Best Digital Marketing Tactics… Thus Far!”