Hallmark Channel Has One Holiday of a Diversity Problem


Boy, am I a sucker for a cheesy holiday romance movie.

They’re silly and heartwarming and cute and have as much substance as whipped cream. Yet, they are a holiday tradition for many a romantic here in North America.

And you can always count on Hallmark to churn out a cavalcade of new, 90-minute holiday love stories every November and December.

However, for years, Hallmark has persistently cast the same demographic as the romantic leads for pretty much every single one of these movies.

To the point where it’s so glaringly obvious and starting to become intolerable for many of its viewers who feel as though Team Hallmark thinks only a certain hue of people fall in love.  Continue reading “Hallmark Channel Has One Holiday of a Diversity Problem”


Snapchat & The Lame Ass Mea Culpa

Image of Snapchat ghost logo against a background of an angry mob of characters from "The Simpsons"

Foxie Rating - 2 stars - Bad
Snapchat’s App Store rating took a kamikaze nosedive this week…

Due to an app update on Tuesday that removed functionality via which teens could see who were their friend’s “best friends” on Snapchat — a.k.a the top three people their friends snapped with the most.

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