The 5 Every Day App Is a Sure-Fire Way to Get a Migraine

The 5 Every Day Mobile App Has One Skittles of a Readability 101 Problem

Not only do they put white body copy font on bright and damn near fluorescent backgrounds…

But the backgrounds are patterned as well.

Ay Dios Mio!

Whoever designed this needs to treat themselves to 5 Digital Best Practice tips every dayum day, because this is breaking one of the foundational rules of web design.

Crain’s Chicago Business & the RWD Fail

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 3.50.41 PM.png

Foxie Rating - 1 star - Ugly

I had my desktop web browser at half-mast, width-wise, which is why I noticed how, despite being programmed to be responsive (RWD), the 40 Under 40 profile pages are providing a TERRIBLE user experience on desktop when a web browser window isn’t in full-width mode.

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Nickelodeon & The Slime-Worthy Landing Page

Image of the Nickelodeon logo with green slime aurrounding it.

Foxie Rating - 1 star - Ugly
Back in December, Nickelodeon did a PR blast for its annual Global Animated Shorts program, which got picked up by the news media, bloggers and the like.

The program makes it possible for people around the world to pitch ideas for original animated content for kids, for a chance at getting one’s very own show on Nickelodeon or Nick Jr.

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