Thrillist & The ‘Eat, Pray’ Awesome OG Tags

Eat, Pray, Thillist

Foxie Rating - 4 Stars, Oh So Good!

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when a headline caught my eye… as most travel-related headlines are wont to do.

But it was the OG (open graph) description beneath the headline/OG title that brought a huge smile to this digital strategist’s face. Continue reading “Thrillist & The ‘Eat, Pray’ Awesome OG Tags”

Instagram: The Purge 2k14

Image of Instagram icon over a promo still from The Purge film

Foxie Rating - 4 Stars, Oh So Good!
On a cold and fateful day in December, Instagram began to purge its kingdom of a menace that had plagued its citizenry for far too long.


The fake accounts of entities, often spambots, with zero brand loyalty, zero influence and zero scruples.

The citizenry watched — some in horror, some in amazement — as The Purge slashed and burned the follower count of many a so-called Social Influencer…

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