How NOT to Format an Article for Mobile

Mobile screenshot of an article page on with a humongous paragraph of text

The graphs on this 99u article are crazy long on mobile. Crazy, ridiculously long.

Foxie Takeaway

Always QA a page on mobile, tablet and desktop before go-live.

Walgreens & The Hoarder Effect

Walgreens logo

Foxie Rating - 2 stars - Bad
Have you ever visited the home of a hoarder?

Not the gross kind with fossilized cat feces.

Rather, the home of a loveable yet eccentric aunt who has somehow managed to cover every square inch of living space with sentimental junk that it requires a moment… or two… or three before you can discern just where it is safe to sit.

This is what it’s like to gaze upon the home page of Continue reading “Walgreens & The Hoarder Effect”