A 404 Page That Delivers All the Feels

A 404 Page That Delivers All the Feels

Amazon is a powerhouse when it comes to pricing, delivery and instant gratification.

Yet, while they’ve steadily been making much-needed optimizations to the UX / ID of their website, there’s still much room for improvement.

There is, however, one Easter egg hidden on the ‘Zon-dot-com that is smart, heartwarming and strategic all at the same time!


Most organizations make the mistake of paying little to no attention to the design or content of their 404 error page. A solid 404 page is essential, as it is where a user will land if they enter or click on a URL that doesn’t or no longer exists on a brand’s website.

First and foremost, a 404 page should never be a dead end. It should always have one or more calls-to-action to help a user find what they’re looking for.

In this case, Amazon’s 404 page includes a search bar and a hyperlink to the site’s Home page.

Then, to capitalize on human beings’ inability to resist cute and cuddly animals, the page features a pic of an adorable labrador named Lucy. But, and this is the best part, the photo isn’t gratuitous in the least!

Instead, Amazon utilizes its 404 page as an opportunity to recruit future employees… which is apropos since the eCom giant is on a huge hiring global spree nowadays.

When a curious user clicks on the CTA text, “Meet the dogs of Amazon,” located beneath the image of Lucy, he is taken to a “Working at Amazon” sub page that touts how the ‘Zon is a dog-friendly place to work:


The “Meet the dogs of Amazon” page is super cute.

What would make it cuter, however, is if it were 508 accessible.

The text next to each dog is embedded in an image and the alt tag only reads, “Image of a dog named Lucy,” for instance. So someone with a visual handicap, relying on a screen reader, would be S-O-L in seeing just how cute and clever this recruitment page is.

Despite this, major kudos to Team Amazon for having a strategic 404 user flow that delivers smiles and future employees in a refreshing way.

The 5 Every Day App Is a Sure-Fire Way to Get a Migraine

The 5 Every Day Mobile App Has One Skittles of a Readability 101 Problem

Not only do they put white body copy font on bright and damn near fluorescent backgrounds…

But the backgrounds are patterned as well.

Ay Dios Mio!

Whoever designed this needs to treat themselves to 5 Digital Best Practice tips every dayum day, because this is breaking one of the foundational rules of web design.