What Social TV Queen Kerry Washington Loves Most About Live Tweeting With Fans 


In the spring of 2012, Scandal was a baby show on the bubble. It debuted to low ratings and lackluster reviews and its chances of getting a coveted golden ticket to a second season wasn’t looking so hot.

But every Shondaland Thursday, each and every member of the show’s main cast would take to Twitter, live tweeting alongside fans as the show aired on the East Coast and on the West Coast.

The Queen Bee of them all was Washington, the show’s star, who took to Twitter and the show’s fans with genuine glee and generosity.

And as Scandal’s Twitter following surged, so did the show’s ratings — securing it a golden ticket renewal by season’s end.

This is the show that Twitter built.

~ Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times TV critic

Fast forward to now, and Scandal is still going strong ratings-wise (and fashion-wise); and Washington now commands a following of 2 million gladiators on Twitter.

In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the leading lady revealed that she has not missed a single Gladiator Thursday live tweeting session. You might think that after nearly 4 seasons, she’d be over it by now, but quite the contrary. In fact, what she loves most above live tweeting is that it allows her to experience the in-the-moment reactions of fans.

“It’s like doing theatre, you get to hear the responses of your audience right in the moment.”

~ Kerry Washington

That is definitely a very wise and artistic way for an actor to view and appreciate the social TV phenomenon that has become part and parcel of a TV actor’s job nowadays.