Tinder’s New Swipe Limit Leads to Less Spam, More Engagement 

Image of a woman's thumb swiping on the photo of a man while she's holding her phone up to the London Bridge in the background.

Last week, Tinder rolled out a new right swipe limit + paywall in an effort to purge the app of two types of users: spambots and Indiscriminate Narcissists. 

The new limit puts a cap on the number of times a user can swipe right during a 12 hour period… unless they upgrade to Tinder Plus, which starts at $9.99 a month.

What’s that new swipe cap? Team Tinder is being mum on that front.

En Garde, Spambots

When users complain to Team Tinder, spambots are among their top pet peeves.

The new swipe paywall is a clever barrier to entry for spambots. And it’s working.

In the past 10 days, Tinder has seen a 52% drop in spambot activity. That alone is cause for celebration.

Pay Up, Narcissists

Another pet peeve of Tinder users are Players (double entendre intended) who always swipe right. These Players only become discriminate when another user has liked them back, at which point they will then block the matches they dislike. The Awl aptly dubbed these Players, Indiscriminate Narcissists.

Tinder CEO Sean Rad says the main impetus behind the new swipe right + paywall limiter is to “protect the integrity” of the Tinder community.

“Just like Dunbar’s Rule, there is a Tinder rule,” Rad recently told TechCrunch. “You can only maintain so many relationships at any given time, and that holds true on Tinder in its own way. If you go past a certain point with the amount of people you swipe right on, there is a diminishing return on every match.”

But in truth, Team Tinder is only interested in curbing this behavior when it happens OUTSIDE of the paywall.

If an Indiscriminate Narcissist isn’t too cheap to pony up for Tinder Plus — cha-ching — then he or she is free to continue swiping right with reckless abandon.

User experience be damned!

Or maybe not…

In the past ten days, there’s been a 25% increase in the number of message exchanges per match. 

Not a huge dent, but certainly noteworthy and hope inducing. Here’s hoping the swipe right limit + paywall will be even more effective at curbing swipe happy Narcissists in the long-run.