Wither Sustainability – Why Aren’t Mobile CPG Coupons Ubiquitous By Now?

Image of an iPhone overlayed on top of a number of consumer products including Tide, Pringles, Pampers and Febreeze

I have seen Purina’s “I Get Beggin'” commercial twice now and both times I have chuckled despite myself.

It’s corny. It’s cliche. But gosh darnit, that corgi is so doggone cute!

I suppose it’s akin to the way adults chuckle when they’re watching the dance recital of a bunch of adorable 3-year-olds.

At any rate, the commercial ends with a call-to-action (CTA) to watch the full music video on YouTube.

So, being the digital strategist that I am, I moseyed over to YouTube to do so. While the Beggin’ music video did not offer much more than the 30-second TV spot, I was delighted to see that Team Purina had included an annotated hyperlink in the video for a $3 coupon.

Because, if you’re going to spend mad money to debut a TV spot during the GRAMMYs in order to drive traffic to YouTube, it certainly behooves you to include a CTA on that channel that links to retail in some capacity.

But the chuckles and the delight came to a stand-still when I clicked on the CTA link and was dropped on this landing page, circa 2002:


Seriously?!? My ONLY Option is to Print the Coupon!

On an actual printer? With paper and ink?

How ass backwards is it that in order to follow through on a digital CTA, I have to go fully offline — as though smartphones have not been invented yet!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, upon clicking “Print Coupons,” I was taken to this page, informing me that first I would need to install some kind of Coupon Printer software on my desktop before I had any hope of printing said coupon.


Good Golly, Miss Molly

In the homespun words of Sweet Brown…

An image of YouTube sensation Sweet Brown with her catchphrase, "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That"

It’s 2015. We’re smack dab in the age of HoloLens and cars that can brake on their own to avoid collision; and we’re on the cusp of commercial space exploration.

Why are we still having to kill trees in order to save a buck or so on a CPG product?

Why can’t I get the Beggin’ coupon via text or email?

Or Apple Passbook or Google Wallet?

And then easily show it on my phone to the cashier upon checkout?

WHAT’S MOST DEPRESSING is the fact that Purina is not alone in this antiquated way of providing manufacturer’s coupons to consumers in the digital space.

And by manufacturers coupons, I’m talking the types of coupons you can redeem at most grocery stores and big box retailers, pretty much anywhere in U.S.


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