Yahoo Search Traffic Hits 5-Year High, Google 5-Year Low

Yahoo logo

Yahoo’s share of search traffic has jumped from 7.4% to 10.4% thanks to a deal last November that made it the default search on Firefox.

According to PCWorld:

It’s Yahoo’s biggest U.S. search share since 2009, according to StatCounter, a Dublin, Ireland-based company which measures activity across a range of services like search, social media and operating systems.
Google is still far and away the leader in search, with U.S. search share of 75.2 percent as of December, according to StatCounter. That’s down slightly from 77.3 percent in November, making it Google’s lowest U.S. search share yet since StatCounter started measuring this market in mid-2008.
Microsoft’s Bing came in a distant second with a share of 12.5 percent.

Source: PCWorld