How to Launch a Killer App: Advice from the Creator of QuizUp

Image includes the QuizUp logo and a photo of the app's creator, Thor Fridriksson

Thor Fridriksson, creator of the wildly popular trivia app, QuizUp, learned first-hand the importance of having a stellar marketing plan when it comes to launching a killer app:

When I get pitched with a great app idea, the first question that pops into my mind is the go-to-market strategy.
So many great apps have failed because they didn’t have a solid method of getting users to download them.
Before QuizUp, we developed a pretty great game (I’m biased) that never got any real traction. We naively assumed that if the product was good, it would get traction. Oh boy, how wrong we were.
If you’re an independent app developer, think about partnering up with someone that has strong marketing channels or make sure that the app has strong viral mechanics. Otherwise, no one will get to appreciate your great app.

Source: Mashable