Instagram: The Purge 2k14

Image of Instagram icon over a promo still from The Purge film

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On a cold and fateful day in December, Instagram began to purge its kingdom of a menace that had plagued its citizenry for far too long.


The fake accounts of entities, often spambots, with zero brand loyalty, zero influence and zero scruples.

The citizenry watched — some in horror, some in amazement — as The Purge slashed and burned the follower count of many a so-called Social Influencer…

Unveiling the chasm between those who truly have KLOUT and those who were nothing more than charlatans cloaked in smoke and mirrors.

Like chiragchirag78, who lost 99% of his its followers (3,660,460) before it was fully banished from the kingdom.

Screenshot of chiragchirag78's Instagram account before The Purge

chiragchirag78 account months before The Purge

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

What is most noble about The Purge is that it was orchestrated in response to user feedback. According to Instagram’s Lord Spokesman:

After receiving feedback from members in the Instagram community, we recently fixed an issue that incorrectly included inactive [and fake] accounts in follower / following lists.
We believe this will provide a more authentic experience and genuinely reflect people who are actually engaging with each other’s content.

The Dawn of a New Day

The morning after The Purge, upon seeing that millions of spam accounts had been banished from the land, the citizens of Instagram rejoiced, “Huzzah!”

And digital marketers everywhere were eternally grateful to the Royal Knights of Instagram for not only freeing them from the deceptive albatross of fake, unengaged followers

But for also showing them a Social Influencer’s true KLOUT on the platform.

Celebrity Influencers who were hit hardest by The Purge included:

  • Rapper Akon, who lost a whopping 56% of his followers;
  • Producer and entrepreneur P. Diddy, 22%;

And then there’s Wellington Campos, a non-celebrity whose follower count dwindled 60%, from 5.5 million to 2.2 million.

— Months Before the Purge —

Screenshot of Wellington Campos's Instagram page months before The Purge with 5.3 million followers

— After the Purge —

Screenshot of Wellington Campos's Instagram page days after The Purge with 2.2 million followers

Granted, 2.2 million genuine followers is still worth its weight in silver.

Yet, now, digital marketers have a more realistic sense of Campos’s influence and can invest accordingly, if so desired.


In the neighboring social kingdom of Twitter, its long-suffering citizenry gaze upon the royal castle on 1355 Market Street, awaiting blessed freedom from the relentless siege of spammers and spambots.

May their wishes be granted sometime very soon.

Your move, Twitter.