Vine to The Sims: Call Me, Maybe?

Screenshot of The Sims Vine account page

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Hey Sims, it’s me, Vine.

Remember when you came to visit for the first time back in May and you posted a video and lots of people looped it and liked it and revined it?
Well, it’s been six months since I last saw you, and I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.

I hope it wasn’t something I did or said.

Screenshot of The Sims account page on Vine

On behalf of your 12,429 followers, I was also wondering if you ever plan on coming back and posting, like, a second video?
Or better yet, a video twice a month, at least?
It looks like you’re doing some cool things with Tumblr. (Tell him I said hi, by the way.)
Just know that you can do some pretty cool things over here with me, too. 
And I know for a fact that your Vine fans would love the opportunity to engage with your brand on a more regular basis.

Screenshot of a user comment on The Sims's Vine channel, which reads, "OMG you guys actually have a vine! bounces up and down"

So, anywho, I hope all is well. Would love to see you again.
Call me, maybe?
Your friend,

The Moral of This Story…

Before you launch a new social media account, you should develop a cohesive, manageable and long-term strategy and content calendar for that account.

That way you don’t end up looking like an anti-social…

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