Coffee-mate, Twitter Ads & The Importance of Being Earnestly Mobile

Coffee-mate logo alongside a cup of espresso with coffee foam in the shape of a heart

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Last month, Coffee-mate ran a most provocative sponsored tweet, something you wouldn’t expect from a brand with such a boring household name:

Mobile screenshot of Coffee-mate tweet with the copy, "No offense to the bedroom, but we think the kitchen is where the real magic happens," alongside a URL and an image of snickerdoodle magic cake squares

Then again, maybe we should’ve expected such a tweet from a brand with the word “mate” in its name.

The tweet went live on November 23, days before the biggest feasting day of the year (in America), and it elicited just the kind of reaction and attention Team Coffee-mate was hoping for.

Mobile screenshot of 2 Coffee-mate tweets from @rush_less with the copy: "@Coffee_mate whoa..." and "@Coffee_mate what"

Mobile screenshot of Coffee-mate tweet from @KatyWellhousen with the copy, "@Coffee_mate First promoted tweet I've actually laughed at. Bravo, Coffee Mate.

The tweet itself was nicely done. The ad copy was clever and to the point, the accompanying photo looked oh so delicioso, and it included a url leading to the land of more information.

So far so good!

(Although the short url could have been more creative and branded).

But when I clicked on the url, I was taken to a recipe page on the Coffee-mate website…

And that’s when the magic faded… 

Mobile screenshot of Coffee-mate recipe web page for Snickerdoodle Magic Cake Squares


According to comScore, 86% of time spent on social networks in the US is via a mobile device.


It boggles the mind that Coffee-mate is spending good money on a Twitter ad that leads to a website that is neither mobile-optimized nor mobile-friendly.

Coffee-mate is very active on Twitter, both organically and via sponsored posts, and it’s doing a lot of things right, from snazzy copy to beautiful imagery. Most notably, it’s very responsive to questions and mentions from its fans and followers:

Mobile screenshot of Coffee-mate replying to a tweet from @MaraRobinsonPic with the copy, "@Coffee_mate Thank you for Peppermint Mocha. By far your best flavor. It should always be offered year-round." To which Coffee-mate replied, "@MaraRobinsonPic Great news! Peppermint Mocha is available year-round. You can search for stores carrying it here:"

But even in its organic responses, Coffee-mate is driving mobile traffic to a web page that looks like this on a smartphone:

Mobile screenshot of Coffee-mate Where To Buy web page

And that, my friends, is sooooo Web 2.0.