Citibank & The Heartbreak Hotel Playlist

Image of melancholy woman wearing headphones, listening to music

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When one thinks of music and banking, elevator Muzak comes to mind.

You know, that soft, damn near hypnotic music that you can’t get out of your head long after you’ve left the bank… assuming you still go to physical bank buildings, that is.

Well, in an effort to promote Apple’s new Apple Pay feature, Citibank is running a #SoLongWallet Twitter ad campaign that is a clever play on the good ole’ fashioned breakup.

The campaign is replete with cutesy copy and sepia-tinted photos of beautiful young women puckering up to the camera.

Because even if breaking up is hard to do, one must be gorgeous and tear-free when doing so!

A Citibank tweet featuring a woman at carnival blowing a kiss to the camera with copy that reads: "Have you puckered up and kissed your wallet goodbye? If not, it's time to say #SoLongWallet!

A Citibank Tweet featuring a woman puckering up for the camera, with the copy: "The best way to bid your wallet adieu? Kiss it goodbye and say #SoLongWallet with Citi + #ApplePay

The campaign also boasts Vine-enriched tweets from social influencers like @jennaezarik, who has 80k followers on Twitter, 23k on Vine, 144k on Instagram, and 253k on YouTube:

A tweet featuring a Vine video of Jenna Ezarik kissing a wallet then throwing it at an outdoor trash can... and missing. The tweet copy reads: I won't be needing this anymore #SoLongWallet @citibank #sp

But the most delightful aspect of the campaign…

…is the integration of the post-breakup tradition of retreating to one’s room, curling up into a ball, and listening to one breakup song after another, after another, after another…

A Citibank tweet featuring a melancholy woman wearing headphones, listening to music; with copy that reads, "Because breaking up can be hard to do -- get our #SoLongWallet @Spotify playlist!"

Good Vibrations

When I mosey on over to the #SoLongWallet playlist on Spotify, the first thing I see is Toni Braxton’s Un-Break My Heart.

Screenshot of the Citibank #SoLongWallet playlist within the Spotify app

Nostalgia takes over and I flash back to the irreversibly-warped state of my Toni Braxton cassette tape, from WAY too many hours of play in the ’90s.

The #SoLongWallet playlist is wonderfully robust and features 42 break up songs, ranging from a melodically depressed Bill Withers to an angrily indignant Alanis Morisette.

Almost Famous Perfect

There are three UX optimizations I would make, however.

First, I would change the header image. An image of two logos is oh so boring. 

Second, I would shorten the title and add the word, “Breakup,” so the playlist will come up when a Spotify user searches within the app for breakup songs.

Screenshot of a Foxied version of the Citibank #SoLongWallet playlist within the Spotify app

Ah, much better!

(Granted, I would have preferred to use an even stronger header image; but I had to work with the Citi campaign graphics at my disposal.)

And third, I would add WAY more songs, including Everything But the Girl’s Missing YouThree Days Grace’s I Hate Everything About You, and Erykah Badu’s Call Tyrone.

For what harm could there be in having more than one breakup playlist?

On that note… please excuse me as I sit back, close my eyes, and begin to belt out some throwback Toni Braxton:

Un-break my heart,
say you’ll love me again,
undo this hurt you caused
when you walked out the door
and walked out of my life…