Best Buy & The Iconic Home Page

Image of a generic Best Buy holiday banner

Foxie Rating - 4 Stars, Oh So Good!
‘Tis the season for kicka$$ UX and interactive design, and Best Buy’s holiday home page refresh doesn’t disappoint.

I absolutely love the visually simplistic use of over a dozen monochromatic icons in the main content area,which makes it quicker and easier for a potential customer to navigate to the category-specific deals and savings the site has to offer.

Screenshot of the Best Buy holiday home page on Cyber Monday, which features icons for 18 different categories

The icons are crisp and intuitively-designed, and they are laid out in an adaptive grid that looks great across device types. From desktop to mobile:

Screenshot of the Best Buy holiday home page on mobile, which features icons for 12 of the 18 different categories

I’d like to think that the late, great Saul Bass — the king of iconic logos — would’ve been hard-pressed not to give the Best Buy homepage two thumbs up!