PHHHOTO & an iOS of a Missed Opportunity

Screenshot of PHHHOTO logo with pictures of GIFs created via the app

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PHHHOTO is a new-ish iOS app, released back in June, that makes it possible for people to shoot and create their own animated GIFs.

Sounds cool enough, but on its App Store page, the captioned screenshots in the image carousel fail to give a clear sense of how the app actually works:

Exhibit A

Image of a hand holding an ice cream cone.  The following copy is embeded: "Introducing PHHHOTO. Shoot and share moving pictures of #everything

Moving pictures… how is that different from motion pictures
— a.k.a video? A.k.a. the functionality I already have on my phone?

Exhibit B

Image of two young women taking a picture in front of a PHHHOTO Pro photo booth. The copy embedded in the image reads: PHHHOTO Pro Compatible. See all your party PHHHOTOs in one place.

Am I supposed to know what PHHHOTO Pro is?
It’s short-sighted to assume everyone has heard
of the PHHHOTO Pro photo booth.

The image carousel is a primary piece of decision-making content on the page and NONE of the promo images clearly state that I can actually create animated GIFs via this app. Bury the lede, much?

Contrast this to one of the promo images posted on the Myspace app’s store page. (Nope, Myspace is not dead; and yep, it does indeed have an app…with create-a-GIF functionality.)

Image of a young man standing on a rooftop, smiling

On PHHHOTO’s App Store page, it’s only through the app description further down the page that I learn I can use this app to make “animated images.”

(Why they don’t just call them animated GIFs in the copy escapes me.)

But as a potential customer, I’m still left with a key decision-making question…

What does a PHHHOTO GIF even look like???

Which brings us to the missed opportunity

With its iOS 8 release, Apple finally got hip to what Google Play has been doing for quite a while — i.e., giving app developers the ability to post 30-second video previews on an app’s store page. If you have an iOS device, check out the preview video for the Monument Valley app within the App Store.

Screenshot of a video preview of the Monument Valley app accessible via the App Store on an iOS device

Phhhoto is an app that would benefit 10,000% from taking advantage of the video preview option.

By optimizing the copy and media (video + images) that appears in the image carousel on the app’s store page, Team PHHHOTO can expedite the consumer decision-making process.

Leaving a potential customer with only one remaining question:

How many motherlovin’ seconds will it take to download this app of awesomeness???


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