Anatomy of a Social Media Firestorm: The Fascinating Case of @DCGopGirl #ElizabethLauten – Part 3

This is Part 3 of a four-part case study on the #ElizabethLauten social media firestorm. Read Part 2 or Start at the beginning. 

Side-by-side photos of Elizabeth Lauten and President Obama with Sasha and Malia at a turkey pardoning ceremony

Back on Twitter…

The firestorm had burned its way across @goldietaylor’s Twitter feed and at 1:56 pm PST, Taylor, an award-winning journalist and author based in Atlanta, tweeted the already infamous photo to her 60,000 followers with the headline: “What in the fresh hell?!”

Which, at 2:01 pm PST, was retweeted by @mitchmerry, an activist in DC, to 470 followers.


Which was then retweeted by @MariaLiaCalvo, an avid Tweeter from Chicago, to nearly 3,200 followers:

Calvo retweets Mitch Merry's tweet, which reads: "@RepFincherTN08's Comms Director RT @goldietaylor: So @DCGopGirl posted this on FB..."

Up until that moment, Calvo had been paying tribute to the late Roberto Gómez Bolaños (#Chespirito) and championing the efforts of those participating in #BlackoutBlackFriday.

But Calvo was so appalled by the photo of Lauten’s rant that, like Callahan and Wike before her, starting at 2:24 pm PST, Calvo proceeded to post tweet…

Calvo's tweet reads: "US taxpayers pay your comm director @DCGopGirl. She's disrespected & attachked the 1st family, @RepFincherTN08. FIRE HER. #ElizabethLauten"

After tweet…

Calvo tweets, "This moron, @DCGopGirl, didn't get the memo: children of the President & 1stLady ARE OFF LIMITS. She needs to go, fire her. #ElizabethLauten"

After tweet…

Calvo's tweet reads, "Sasha and Malia's amazing style have been featured on Teen Vogue but taxpayer-paid fashion guru, #ElizabethLauten differs."


After tweet…

Calvo's tweet reads, "@DCGopGirl has removed her title of Comm Direc for Congressman from her Facebook page, she forgets the Internets is FOREVER @ClaireBaenes."

Dozens upon dozens of tweets and replies.

And Calvo’s crusade did not go unnoticed. 

At 3:44 pm PST, the @DCGopGirl herself posted a response to Calvo’s tweet from 3:16 pm:

Lauten's tweet reads, "No, no I have not"

This was Lauten’s only Twitter post in relation to the #ElizabethLauten firestorm.

And suffice it to say, it definitely wasn’t the type of response you’d expect from a social media maven in the midst of a social shi*tstorm of her own making.

In fact, Lauten’s haughty response fueled a raging fire of replies to that single post alone – far too many to count, but definitely over 100; maybe even two or three times that.

Interestingly enough…


Less than two hours later, one of those 100+ replies would be from Tweeter Zero, Callahan herself:


Can somebody say, full circle?

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