Anatomy of a Social Media Firestorm: The Fascinating Case of @DCGopGirl #ElizabethLauten – Part 2

This is Part 2 of a four-part case study on the #ElizabethLauten social media firestorm. Start at the beginning. 

Side-by-side photos of Elizabeth Lauten and President Obama with Sasha and Malia at a turkey pardoning ceremony


Meanwhile, back on Twitter, the photo captivated the attention of @BlackNerdJade when she saw it in a 12:55 pm PST retweet from @desusnice – a Complex TV talk show host based in NYC who boasts 55,000 followers.

After some quick sleuthing, at 1:13 pm PST, Jade replied to Nice, informing him and her nearly 1,800 followers, that Lauten worked in Congress.

BlackNerdJane writes: She works in Congress RT @desusnice: RT if nobody asked Elizabeth

Now, if you’re experiencing a slight case of déjà vu, it’s because @BlackNerdJade is the Twitter handle for Jadebrieanne, a.k.a. Ashley Wilke, whose Tumblr post led me down this rabbit hole in the first place.

Before she had seen Nice’s tweet, Wike had been busy geeking out about the just-released trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII and applauding those participating in #BlackoutBlackFriday.

But like Callahan, Wike was blown away by the Mean Girls diatribe of a woman with Lauten’s job title:

Jade's tweet reads: "Holy shit. Elizabeth Lauten, Communications Director at United States Congress. She said that.

Emboldened, Wilke wasted no time making her feelings known; and not just on Twitter.

First she turned to Facebook, where she proceeded to add comment after comment to Laurent’s Facebook page:

Jade's tweet reads: "Now I'm just sitting on Elizabeth Lauten's facebook page, filling her comment section up with censure. No ma'am. NO MA'AM. Not today!"

But that was quickly brought to an end when Lauten blocked Wike’s access:

Jade's tweet reads: "You gone have to do more than block me on Facebook boo! @DCGOPGIRL I'm about to reveal your bullshit to the world."

Yet, because it was the day after Thanksgiving and Wike had the day off from work…

Jade tweets, "Today I got the time, cuz @DCGOPGIRL."

She proceeded to not only post dozens upon dozens of tweets and replies for the rest of that day and into the next; but she also took to a third social platform: Tumblr.

Around 2pm PST, on her jadebrieanne Tumblr page, Wike posted a screenshot of Lauten’s diatribe alongside a screenshot of Lauten’s newly-blocked Facebook page.

And that Tumblr post spread like wildfire amongst the youths on Tumblr – garnering more than 30,000 notes in less than 24 hours.

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