Beech Nut – Ad, Uninspired

Image of a jar of Beech Nut baby food surrounded by a fresh peach

Foxie Rating - 2 stars - Bad
Beech-Nut is paying good money for a Google search ad, but it seems to be skimping in the copywriter department… and the copy editor department.

Not only does the ad have a most noticeable grammatical error — which is unpardonable seeing how few words there are to proofread — but the copy itself is lackluster and uninspired.

Beech Nut's SEM ad copy reads: " - Beech-Nut Real Baby Food - - Because everybody deserves real Especially your baby.

While a brand’s tag line may be short and sweet, it will rarely suffice as compelling, stand-alone ad copy.

In advertising, wherein words are at a premium, every single word counts. Every single word should serve a purpose and be in service to the message and call-to-action of your ad.

Luckily, Beech-Nut is not completely lacking in the wordsmith department. There is sharp and enticing copy to be found on its Pinterest account:

An image of jars of Beech Nut baby food with the copy "this is not baby food. this is real food for babies." And the hashtag #notbabyfood

Image of the top half of a baby's face with the copy "If you wouldn't eat it, your baby shouldn't eat it."

Either one of these quips would have been great copy to include in the paid search ad.