As Above / So Below & The UX Nightmare

Poster art of film featuring the Eiffel Tower flipped upside down and anchored by an underground field of skulls

Foxie Rating - 1 star - Ugly
Whoever designed the poster for the found footage horror film, As Above / So Below is FIERCE.

That poster alone left me wanting to know more.

So when I digitally meandered over to the official website for the film, I was silently hoping the site would be as breathtaking as the poster.

Yet, I was soon horrified to discover that the official site, powered by Tumblr, suffers from an atrocious page load time that gave me agonizing flashbacks to the Flash sites of old…

Image of the As Above / So Below load page at 10%

As well as numerous auto-plays that plummet the user experience into a homicidal nose-dive.

But the site’s digital sins didn’t end there. For when I clicked on the Bios link in the main nav…

Screenshot of the As Above So Below main nav which includes links for About, Bios, Gallery, Videos, Offers, Personal Hell, Shop and Call from Hell

I was greeted by one helluva UX nightmare.

Oh the horror!

Screenshot of the As Above / So Below PDF

Yes, my friends, THAT is a PDF document. And a badly designed one at that.

A main nav link should never, never NEVER link to a PDF.

I’ve conducted competitive analysis of dozens upon dozens of film sites, and this was the first time I’ve confronted a movie site that had cast bios linking to a motherlovin’ PDF.

It’s as if the digital team ran out of time or budget… or, worse yet, professional pride and integrity.

Whatever the reason, for a digital professional to commit such an industry taboo isn’t only sad, it’s frightening.