Vogue.com – Lost in Exploration

Image of a Vogue website banner

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Have you ever been in a hurry when you parked you car in a massive, multi-story parking lot?

Then hours later, you return to the parking lot and quickly realize that you have NO IDEA where your car is.

Looking for your car in a behemoth of a concrete haystack is one helluva frustrating experience.

So is finding your way back to whence you came on a website with a sloppily-coded infinite scroll.

Case in point…

On the Vogue.com home page, as I scroll past days’ worth of articles — diving quite far into the rabbit hole that is the infinite scroll — the headline, The Single Girl in Paris’s Guide to End of Summer Dressing, catches my eye (for I am a sucker for all things Paris).

Screenshot of a page on the Vogue.com website

I tap on the photo and am taken to the article page.

Screenshot of an article page on the Vogue.com website, with the headline: The Single Girl in Paris's Guide to End of Summer Dressing

Then, when I tap back to return to where I left off on the home page, I am taken to a random area of the home page instead.

Screenshot of a page on the Vogue.com website

Not cool, Team Vogue. 

Not cool.