Old Spice & The Art of Gliding Onto a Viral Train

Picture of Old Spice character actor Isaiah Mustafa in an Old Spice commercial

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It is often hard for brands to hop on a viral trend without coming across as desperate and opportunistic.

Yet Old Spice expertly glides onto the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in a most ingenious way, via this video, which was posted on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter channels. But not their YouTube page, shockingly enough, or Instagram feed. Definitely a HUGE miss by Team Old Spice.

So why does Old Spice’s viral co-option work so well?

Because it stays 100% on brand!

Instead of posting a video of their CEO or another balding executive getting doused with a bucket of ice water, they posted a video of the brand’s oh so popular I’m on a horse character, clad in only a towel, exuding his trademark aura of braggadocio and superhuman prowess.

The video may be shoddily shot — why oh why do people record videos vertically on their mobile phones?? — but it is quite funny, thanks to the awesomeness that is Isaiah Mustafa and the copywriting genius(es) at Wieden+Kennedy, who penned such wonderfully ridiculous lines like:

Sadly, I have let you down, Internet. You see, my perfectly-toned man muscles violently reject cold water. It is something that I’ve been dealing with since childhood.


I wanted with all my giant heart to participate in your Internet do-gooderness.

As well as the final line, which is digital catnip for anyone phonetically-named John Johnson:

And now, I challenge Bruce Campbell, every man named John Johnson, and Fabio to dump ice water on their bodies because I could not. 

Pure genius! And definitely viral in its own right:

Screenshot of John Johnson related comments posted on Old Spice's Facebook page.